CanaData Products

  • CanaData Forecaster

    Published monthly in electronic format, this product forecasts non-residential construction in Canada.

    • Get expert analysis based on up-to-the-minute developments
    • Canada’s leading economic indicators
    • Detailed Engineering, Housing Starts and ICI construction forecasts
    • Interest rates and employment projections
    • Residential and U.S. construction forecasts
    • Year-to-date in review
    • Analyze market trends, identify opportunities

     CanaData Forecaster is published 12 times a year by ConstructConnect.

  • Construction Cost Index

    The CanaData Construction Cost Index provides third-party and independent cost index statistics for labour and building materials in the Canadian high-rise construction industry on a monthly and yearly basis. It also provides a simple calculating mechanism for price and cost trending. The Cost Index is a particularly useful tool with respect to:

    • Escalation agreements;
    • Assignment of lot levies;
    • Identifying strong regional markets/product shortages;
    • Construction project costing;
    • Calculating change order costs, and;
    • Forecasting future price movements, depending on the stage of the construction cycle.
  • Economic Snapshot & Economy at a Glance

    The CanaData Economic Snapshot and Economy at a Glance are featured articles from the CanaData analytics product, appearing in print and online in CMD regional publications.

    These articles provide graphs, charts and economic analysis pertaining to a wide range of construction inputs and economic indicators that affect the Canadian and U.S. economies and construction industry.

    These CanaData articles feature expert commentary by guest economists and industry analysts, with further analysis by CanaData Chief Economist, Alex Carrick.

    Mr. Carrick also has an economics blog:

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