Construction Starts and Statistics

CanaData Starts are comprehensive statistics on actual construction starts in Canada, available by province, census metropolitan area or census agglomeration. CanaData Starts track activity across all sectors of construction. The reports are integral for building product manufacturers looking to assess market penetration, track product inventories and evaluate new markets.

Cost Index

Measures rates of inflation in non-residential building and apartment construction in five regions across Canada: Atlantic, Québec, Ontario, Prairies and British Columbia. If you are an architect, engineer, contractor, consultant or municipal representative, you’ll find the Cost Index helpful for insurance appraisals, escalation contracts, tax assessments, lot levies and more. Regional indexes also include a national cost index at no additional charge.

CanaData construction industry forecasts conference

Find out how today’s social, economic and political forces are impacting the industry’s future — and how you can prepare for it. Discover how Canada’s construction and manufacturing sectors will meet the challenges of tomorrow. With accurate, authoritative economic projections from leading experts, this annual conference delivers industry intelligence needed to create accurate, detailed business plans for your company’s future.

CanaData forecaster newsletter

Published monthly in electronic format, this product forecasts non-residential construction in Canada. Get expert analysis based on up-to-the-minute developments.

  • Canada’s leading economic indicators
  • Detailed engineering, housing starts and ICI construction forecasts
  • Interest rates and employment projections
  • Residential and U.S. construction forecasts
  • Year-to-date in review
  • Analyze market trends, identify opportunities

Economic Snapshot and Economy at a Glance

The CanaData Economic Snapshot and Economy at a Glance are featured articles from the CanaData analytics product, appearing in print and online in CMD regional publications. These articles provide graphs, charts and economic analysis pertaining to a wide range of construction inputs and economic indicators that affect the Canadian and U.S. economies and construction industry.